Ecorazzi is Acquired, Farewell from Rebecca

Today I am making a bittersweet announcement: the site I co-founded in 2006, Ecorazzi, has been sold to a private individual. Though we were seeking a buyer to bring Ecorazzi to the next level, it is always hard to let go of your baby!

Thanks to Ecorazzi, I have been provided with so many opportunities and media coverage. Thanks to Ecorazzi, I have worked with some of the most amazing and passionate people. It has been the place that I grew up: as an entrepreneur, as a business partner, as a web professional, as a blogger, and frankly, as a person.

I have to thank co-founder Michael d’Estries for roping me into the project to begin with…for all of the passion he injects into the site each and everyday…and for his patience in dealing with me in my more stubborn moments. He is a gem.

Together, the two of us were able to create this wonderful little place online where like-minded people could interact, relax, have fun, and learn a little something all at the same time. Two people, who have only met in person one time in their lives, were able to create jobs, a community, and even launch a couple of careers.

I’m so grateful for the experience, and I’m even more grateful that we have found someone who wants to continue on with the work of Ecorazzi. Our editorial team will remain in place, to allow for an uninterrupted stream of “good gossip.” I hope you will continue to be a part of Ecorazzi for it’s next stage in life. Though we have accomplished great things, there is so much that can still be done. I look forward to seeing Ecorazzi grow into what I’ve always known it could be.

As for me, I’ll be working on building this site, This is my new rooftop for shouting out the latest on my many passions, including real food, natural childbirth and parenting, and all of that eco-friendly goodness that got me started on this path. I’m also a full-time mom to my two rapidly growing boys, now 2 (and a half, he’ll be quick to add) and 5.

My biggest focus at the moment is “The Road to Real Food“. I’m walking a group of beginners through the basics of cutting out processed food, helping them form personal goals, and creating a support group to help meet those goals. Join us!

I’d love to hear from you; please contact me! Stay up to date with what’s going on by joining my email newsletter and Facebook.

Thank you for your continued support,




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